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Cool Links

VGMusic.com - MIDI Archive
Video Game Music Archive - The largest Video Game MIDI Site on the Internet. It has an archive of over 12,000 MIDI files!

The Mushroom Kingdom: Got Mario?

The Mushroom Kingdom - A huge site with everything related to Mario. Look for my .WAV files there!


StarCraft.org - A great site pertaining to everything StarCraft, the classic Real-Time Strategy game by Blizzard Entertainment.

The Void - A great Computer music resource website headed by nZero, a good friend of mine!

The Raiden Trilogy Website - The best English website to one of the best shooter trilogies of all time by Seibu Kaihatsu. Long live Raiden!

SHMUPS - The best general website for 2D shooters!

Super Mario RPG'ers Paradise

SMRPG'ers Paradise - The largest and best Super Mario RPG page. Contains everything Mario RPG! <SMRPG'ers Paradise Mirror Site>

Legend of the Mystical Ninja Web Site - A site devoted to the popular Konami game! Maintained by The_Jade_Emperor, a good freind of mine.

Nintendo - Official website.

Mister Man's E.V.O. Page - A brand-new page devoted to that popular Enix adventure-RPG game for SNES. Hasn't been updated in a long time.

The Amazingly Odd World of Bumderland - You can find some great homebrew games here.

Biebersoft - Creator of great home-brew games like Ode to Zelda, Super Mario Alpha, and Starwolf. Now he sells his stuff on CD's.

Klik - Games - Huge library of home-brew games made with Clickteam's products.

The Klik Archive - Has over 300 games made with Clickteam's products.

Clickteam Creative Shareware - Creators of Klik & Play, The Games Factory, and MultiMedia Fusion.

Cheezey923's ThunderCats Zone! - An excellent frequently updated fan site for one of the best cartoons of the '80s: ThunderCats!

Merit Celaire's Video Game MIDI Arrangements - A site full of MIDIs sequenced by Merit Celaire, a famous vgmusic community member.

SinclairC's Page - A huge feature-packed site. Has MIDI files, video game information, editorials, and more!

Classical MIDI Archives - The best-known and longest running classical music MIDI website on the Internet. Maintained by Pierre R. Schwob.

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You can find useful links to various stuff concerning video games, video game music, anime (especially Dragonball Z), and homebrew games made by Clickteam's products.
This Website's Sections
MIDI Gallery
A collection video game MIDI sequences by me. You can also find them on the Video Game Music Archive.
The Raiden Fighters Emporium
Some FAQs and secrets for the outstanding Raiden Fighters arcade shooter series by Seibu Kaihatsu. Also include some info on Viper Phase 1, the Strikers series by Psikyo, and the original Raiden series. Pictures and screenshots will come soon! For the best info on Raiden, point your browser to [RAIDEN].
Stuff for all you fans of Dragonball Z!
So far, Vegita (AKA Vegeta, Bejiita, and Vejita) is my favorite DBZ character! He's so ridiculously small but even more ridiculously powerful! And he's so full of himself and egotistical, like Alluro! My other favorite DBZ characters are Piccolo, Goku, Trunks, Cell, and Freeza.

DBZ Season 5 will start in the fall on Cartoon Network's Toonami block.

For much more information on Dragonball Z and other anime, check out the links below!

Mr. Vegita!
Gee, why do I sound oddly like Piccolo, Jeice, the narrator, Saichorou, Porunga, Mister Popo, Yamucha, and Yajirobe? 

Also, visit FUNimation's Web site! FUNimation is the official U.S. broadcast and licensing company for Dragonball Z.

To find out more about the guy responsible for the music of US Dub DBZ Seasons 3 and 4, visit Bruce Faulconer's Official Company Website.

Dragonball Z currently plays on Cartoon Network at 5:00PM ET/PT Mondays through Thursdays on their Toonami block and at 12:30AM ET/PT Monday through Friday nights.
Dragonball Z and Anime Links

Anime Turnpike - This is a huge depository of information for almost every anime imaginable!

PlanetNamek.com - The biggest DBZ fansite on the Internet so far. It has a popular message board, plus an incredible amount of DB/Z/GT information. I highly recommend this site to any DBZ fan.

DBZ Uncensored - This site provides meticulous insight to the changes undergone to DBZ as it was released here in the USA. Be prepared to spend many hours on this site. It is almost 85% text! Find out what you've been missing!!

Daizenshuu EX - This was formerly VegettoEX's DragonballZ page. Another great DBZ site that is frequently updated.

DBZOA (Dragonball Z Otaku Alliance) - An alliance of DBZ fans who wish to campaign against FUNimation's butchering of Dragonball Z in America.

Kienzan's Edge -  A good DBZ site with editorials about DBZ and anime in general.

Temple O' Trunks - This is more than a shrine to the son of Vegeta and Bulma. You'll find many other kinds of information here too about Dragonball.

Vegeta Insane!!! - A very humorous and entertaining web shrine for the little Saiyajin prince.

Steve's Dragonball Z Page - A huge informative site featuring DBZ!  This site even has a link to a Japanese-to-English translator! Hasn't been updated in a long time.

Greg Werner's DBZ Information Site - This site includes pictures, character biographies, and little-known facts. Also includes Sailor Moon information.

Banner Links
A great site full of video game previews for N64, PSX, PC and more!
Click here to gain access to some of the best in games music from all eras in MIDI, MP3,MOD, SID, SPC, GYM and TFMX formats.
The best in games music from all eras in MIDI, MP3,MOD, SID, SPC, GYM and TFMX formats.