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Here is a list of the most popular-requested MUGEN character download links. If any of the links below are dead, please let me know.


bulletHomer Simpson (Spanish version, updated):
bulletKrusty the Clown (Spanish version):
bulletSuperMario/SuperLuigi by ShinRyoga: (Hosted Creations > Hosted Characters > ShinRyoga)
bulletPredator Warrior (and all the AVP characters):
bulletThe NES Land Bonus Stages:
bulletIori Yagami:
bulletSephiroth, The Nightmare SSJ3: (Removed due to Gulthor being a thief)
bulletEvil Ken, Evil Ryu, and Dragon Claw: (Click on the M.U.G.E.N Institute graphic)
bulletMarvin the Martian, Duck Dodgers, Popeye, and more cartoon characters:
bulletMUGENHunter's Sonic Characters: (Right-click, Save As, and rename the file from .DOC to .RAR or .ZIP)
bulletSHMUP Ships (Vic Viper, R-9, Styx, etc.)
bulletMajin Bastards (full game):
bulletPrimal Rage characters:
bulletCHOUJIN's Dragonball Z Characters: (Japanese only. My Goku, SSJ Goku, and Perfect Cell characters come from this creator)


bulletAbyss by Kung Fu Man
bulletAbyss 2 by Kung Fu Man
bulletAbyss 3 by Kung Fu Man
bulletApocalypse by N64Mario
bulletCable by RyouWin
bulletCable by Cloudius
bulletCarnage by Seth Zankuten
bulletCarnage by Juan Carlos
bulletCyclops by Superscott
bulletElektra by Lucas Eclipse
bulletEmma Frost by Lucas Eclipse
bulletFlash by Erradicator & Black Dragon
bulletGambit by Dragoon
bulletGreen Lantern by Erradicator
bulletHavok by Rehap & Comedy
bulletHayato by One Winged Angel
bulletHayato by Kanzaky RyouWin
bulletIronman by Gou-San
bulletJill by RyouWin
bulletNate Summers by Rehap & Comedy
bulletPolaris by Omega Red
bulletPsylocke by Qkrtkf!
bulletRogue by Big Eli King
bulletRuby Heart by RyouWin
bulletSentinel by Zolagun
bulletSentinel by E. R.
bulletShuma Gorath by Qkrtkf!
bulletSilver Samurai by Corntortillas
bulletSilver Samurai by Juan Carlos
bulletSpider-Man by Erradicator
bulletSpiderman by Seth Zankuten
bulletSpiral by Luchini
bulletVenom by Big Eli King
bulletVenom Juan Carlos
bulletWolverine by Ariel AleX Co.
bulletWolverine by Rehap
bulletWolverine by X Sander 71113
bulletWonder Woman by Erradicator & Loganir


bulletBaby Bonnie Hood byBaby Bonnie Hood
bulletBishamon by 3ha
bulletDee by Kung Fu Man
bulletDemitri by vanity13
bulletDonovan by Zelgadis296
bulletFelicia by pji111
bulletGallon by Rehap
bulletJedah by Deuce & Baby Bonnie Hood
bulletLei-Lei by Phantom.of.the.Server
bulletLilith by Jeff Reed & Omega Red
bulletMorrigan by Phantom.of.the.Server
bulletOboro Bishamon by Amakiti
bulletPyron by vanity13
bulletQ-bee by Mith
bulletSasquatch X by Sander 71113
bulletVictor by CNGSOFT


bulletRobocop Characters:
bulletPikachu by XGargoyle:
bulletTifa by Yamakich:

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